New feature poll on Patreon (2018-04-20)

There is a new poll on our Patreon-page. You can use it to priotize your most wanted feature, Just check Vote for the next features to get involved.

News from the FBX-front (2018-03-31)

In the last month we got a lot of pull-requests to get the FBX-importer more stable:

  • The animtion support got a lot of bug-fixes
  • There is an experimental exporter for binary-FBX-files on the current master
  • There is an ASCII-exporter for the FBX-format in the pipeline

The 3MF-support got some updates as well_

  • The meta-data of 3MF-files will now imported and exported
  • I made some bugfixes to get this more stable


A new website ( 2018-02-03 )

To make life easier for me I satrted to use Joomble for the Asset-Importer-Lib website. To get things running I just copied all the old content to this. In the next months I will add some more content. Feel free to give any feedback.

I am not a good web-designer :-) ...


The Assimp-Blog ( 2018-01-20 )

Here I will give you some updates about the latest changes in Asset-Importer-Lib.